Saturday, 17 March 2012

Dollhouse: Target

Episode 1.02

This was a pretty cool episode, though more for the background stuff than the actual storyline itself, which I didn't really like that much except for the mystery/questions it adds to the overall arc.

In Target, we're introduced to Alpha. Alpha, as the phonetical name indicates, was a doll. Only he wasn't a normal doll who had every imprint wiped after the engagement - or rather, he was, only the wipes didn't work and Alpha turned into a crazy sociopath, killing lots and lots of dolls and handlers ... all except Echo. Alpha is the one who sliced up Dr Saunders' face (Amy Acker) and the reason that Boyd (Harry Lennix) is Echo's new handler - because Samuelson was unlucky enough to get in the way of Alpha's killing rampage. Or was one of Alpha's targets and he would have got sliced up anyway.

We see Ballard find the house where the little girl was taken hostage in Ghost and insightfully link it to the Dollhouse, plus a repeat of the scene at the FBI office that had been in the unaired Echo. We meet Melly (!) and Ballard seems more determined than ever when we see him discover the photo of Caroline again. It shouldn't be so exciting seeing as I've actually seen this episode before, but I think we've established my short term memory ...

This episodes raises all sorts of issues about Echo's wipes, Alpha, the Attic and just spoiler-y stuff in general that I got excited to see since I know what's going to happen but I've decided not to share ... shoulder to the wheel...

On other Joss Whedon related goodness, my housemate left me the most awesome present ever. I love her, really. Platonically, that is. I think I got the first issue of this, but now I have 18. Completely made my day.

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