Monday, 26 March 2012

Love Life episode 2

Last week was alright; this week was just down-right cringe-worthy, so so predictable and much too like Eastenders.

Lucy has had her baby. It's a pretty cute baby and his name is Arthur. Some people might think it old-fashioned, but I love old-fashioned names and I even more so because of my Arthur-obsession. Not that I would ever name my kid Arthur. But as I said to my mum when she told me, at least it wasn't Lancelot. At least with Arthur you can claim some sort of family relation.

So Lucy goes home only to find that their furniture is gone, courtesy of the bailiffs. She has a shout-down with her dad while Joe goes wandering with the baby, only to bump into Dom. Joe leads Dom to believe that he is back with Lucy and tells Dom that it would be best if he stays away from the baby. Lucy goes with Joe to Joe's brother's caravan to live since she has no where else to go.

Then Dom blurts out the news to his wife, Penny and she goes a little crazy. When she has time to talk to her mother, Penny completely does a 360 and decides she wants the baby. Eastenders much? So she goes to see a solicitor who tells her that the law favours the birth mother unless there is a 'crisis,' homelessness being one of these things ...

Dom goes to try and find Lucy at her dad's but finds the dad instead who tells them of their financial plight and tells him where to find Lucy, which he promptly does and tells her of Penny's plan, which is where it sort of ends.

As a little side plot, Joe meets a girl who he met whilst on Everest and she tells him of her plan to trek around South America and tries to tempt him to join her. Lucy finds out and goes crazy on Joe and the preview of next week shows that he might be going away again.

So a lot of crazy shit. A lot of it had me moaning at the screen and blaspheming a lot at the incredulity of it all. But I'll be back for more.

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