Friday, 17 April 2015

The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde

The Well of Lost Plots (2003) (Hodder)
Jasper Fforde
Grade: B+
Genre: fiction / crime / alternate reality
Source: own
Thursday Next: (1) The Eyre Affair, (2) Lost in a Good Book, (3) The Well of Lost Plots
General RBC 2015: A funny book 

Former literary detective Thursday Next has recently taken up residence in the Well of Lost Plots, the place where all fiction is created. In the real world, the evil Goliath Corporation want her dead and she needs to think about the safety of her unborn child. Settling in to Cavendish Heights, an unpublished novel of dubious quality, this is the perfect time for Thursday to consider how she’s going to approach single-parenthood and how she can reverse Goliath’s eradication of her husband, Landen. Amidst training with Miss Havisham to become a Jurisfiction agent and saving Cavendish Heights from a disastrous future, Thursday realises that something is seriously wrong in the Well and must work out who she can trust, and who wants her dead …

Jasper Fforde is phenomenal. Every time you think that he can’t get any funnier, weirder, more ridiculous or out-of-the-box, he takes the challenge and smashes expectations out of the park. This is book two without Landen and I thought I would start getting bored with watching as Thursday figures out how to get him back, but really, very little of the book is actually devoted to this. I love how Thursday takes whatever life throws at her and just goes with the flow. Sure, her life is a complete mess right now, but she knows that moping and sitting still won’t achieve anything. I had the greatest fun reading about Thursday’s adventures in The Well of Lost Plots and I cannot wait to see where Jasper Fforde takes the reader next. I’m sure there’s plenty more I could be saying about this series, but this is really one that you have to discover for yourselves with as little pre-warning as possible.

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