Friday, 16 March 2012

Love Life

The show; not mine.

It's a ITV's new show featuring Downton Abbey's Thomas (Rob James-Collier) as Joe who has just returned from travelling to find his ex-girlfriend Lucy (Andrea Lowe) and the love of his life, pregnant. By her Dom (Alexander Armstrong) - her boss. Her married boss. Who is currently on bad terms with his wife (Penny, Sophie Jordan) because she can't get pregnant.

My mum told me about it since we're both Downton Abbey fans, and seeing as how it's the holidays and I'm too lazy to do any work, of course I sat down and watched it. Painfully slowly. The buffering icon was swirling for most of the time and I had to pause it continuously (even through the adverts) to let it catch up. And even after I had turned off the sub-titles, they continued to play: backwards, out-of-sync, too fast, too late - you name it, the sub-titles did it and it was a complete nightmare.

That said, it was a pretty cute show. A little cringy at times and it was a tad strange at first to see Joe as the 'good' guy as compared to the character he plays in DA, but overall, it was sweet. There were some funny lines and scenes as well as some pretty predictable bits (I mean, this is television. OF COURSE Lucy didn't tell Dom that the baby was his. Or even that she was pregnant in the first place. What fun would that be?) but Joe is clearly still in love with Lucy and it's just sweet, is how I can really sum it up. Not in DA's league, but I'll definitely be watching the next episode where it seems there'll be some crying and fighting and baby-kidnapping going on ...

(Available on ITV Player)

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