Thursday, 10 May 2012

Britain's Got Talent, Semi-Final 4

To be honest, I didn't love any of the acts. Sam Kelly was my favourite and he deserved to go through, but he wasn't WOW. You know? Very very good, but not on par with the other acts that have already gone through to Saturday's final.

There were some other good acts in this semi-final, but again, not brilliant. And as you do, some awful ones too. I really liked Malaki, Brynolf and Ljung and Beatrix von Bourbon (that can't be her real name) and I think it's a shame that the Brynolf and Ljung didn't get into the top three. There was a fantastic magic act last year that got through to the live semi-finals but I can't remember if they progressed further. I preferred Brynolf and Ljung's first act but since it's a magic act, you can't repeat the same performance. And Beatrix. Beatrix, Beatrix, Beatrix. I don't remember much of her audition, but she was awesome here. You couldn't put her in front of the Queen but it would have been hilarious to see the audience reaction had Ant and Dec announced that she was in the top three. She made stripping a real sensual art and I absolutely love her purple puff wrap-thing and the big feather fans. The bit with the wings was utterly brilliant.

I think it's a real shame that Malaki didn't get through. I have a real dislike of big, young (primary school, pre-teen and up to about 13/14-ish, usually female, dance groups. There are too many and although the judges, every year, say how this group is so unique and really did something different that they've never seen before - it's not true. They all look the same or do variations of the same and it really annoys me how they're so typically girly - squealing all the bloody time. So, clearly, not a big fan of Nu Sxool. You know, I'm more angry that they've butchered the English language that way than the fact that they'll be performing on Saturday. It's actually atrocious.

Semi-Final 4 also saw The Sugar Dandies, Gatis Kandis, Chica Latina and B Minor. I loved the Sugar Dandies in their audition and preferred that to their performance in the semi-final. I liked that it told a story and meant that the audience could connect with them more than their live performance. As to the last three acts, I disliked them all.

From who we've already seen over the first four semi-finals, this means that the following acts are performing tonight. Well, right now:
- Aquabatique
- Face Team
- Hope Murphy
- Lazor Harp
- Strictly Wheels
- Martyn Crofts
- Billy George
- Callum Oakley

I was going crazy looking and looking through the list for the 9th act, absolutely convinced that I was going blind and just kept skimming over it. But no. I counted just to make sure and there were only 44 on there, so when I scrolled back up to the top, the introduction said 44 - I clearly take the time to read these things.

So why only 8 acts tomorrow? I'm still rather hazy on this wildcard thing that they've introduced, but I figure the extra time will go towards picking that. No idea whether it'll be the judges or the audience; it would be cleaner if the former chose, but then that would introduce a whole lot of other problems.

Looking at tomorrow's line-up, I think it's the best of the week which is a real shame since so many deserve to go through. I think Aquabatique will be in the top three but I have no idea who after that. I've never seen anyone do what Billy George does with a hula-hoop; the tiny clip we saw of Callum Oakley was hilarious; Face Team were fantastic in their audition but need to step it up if they want to go through - same with Strictly Wheels; Lazor Harp was very unique and I just watched Hope Murphy's audition and it was verging on spine-chilling - with the right song, she could get to the top three. Tough decision.

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