Monday, 7 May 2012

Britain's Got Talent, Semi-Final 2

There were two acts that I loved tonight: Jonathan and Charlotte, and Four Corners. It was clear that the former would be getting the public vote - who doesn't love them? - but I was so shocked when Four Corners didn't even get into the top three. I know there's always too many dance acts (though tonight got a nice variety of perfomers) but Four Corners put a unique twist on the usual vanilla with everything centred around Yasmin, the single girl.

I did like Cascade. It would be contrary to the point of the show if a French group won, but I liked the 'story' they told with the Crown Jewels. Any act which involves naked guys in the performance has got Amanda's vote.

I was beyond surprised to see first, Paige Turley in the top three and then Kai and Natalia. I agree with Amanda that I was underwhelmed by Paige - there was no big chance with the song to fully show her talent and range and so it was nowhere near as good as it could have been. Plus side: I did like her dress. Kai and Natalia were very good and definitely different from the rest of the dance acts, but I preferred Four Corners.

Quick mention to the other acts tonight: we saw Fish on Percussion, Karizma Krew, Cascade, Graham Blackledge and The Showbears. Karizma Krew weren't too bad - the girls were very good and performed very well, though they're not good enough to go through. A little disappointed with Fish on Percussion - I would have preferred to see him without all the dancers and further forward and lower down on the stage so he could interact with the audience more.

Looking forward to the line-up tomorrow night.

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