Monday, 7 May 2012

Britain's Got Talent, Semi-Final 1

For me, there were only three acts that stood above all the rest, and of these three, only two that I wanted to go through; the rest were mediocre.

Up in first place on my list was The Mend. They're hot, they can sing and they work brilliantly together as a group. You can tell that they all get on well and this shines through in their performance. Doesn't hurt that they're easy on the eyes - definitely had the girls' vote.

Ashleigh and Pudsey were just adorable. I'm not a big fan of dogs, but Pudsey is just one of the cutest dogs I've seen on the show. His scruffiness just adds to the appeal and I'm seriously impressed that he can stand and walk on his hind legs for so long. He and Ashleigh are clearly devoted to one another and while I'm sure that a portion of the support and vote came from how sweet they are together, it doesn't hurt that they perform together fantastically.

Only Boys Aloud is in my top three, but not the act that I wanted to go through. Yes, they're very talented and are a testament to those conservative nationalists who seek to keep the Welsh language and culture alive and an integral part of modern life (that A2 politics unit on Nationalism does come in handy after all) but I just loved The Mend so much more.

The other acts that performed tonight were Lauren Thalia (singing/guitar), Zipparah Tafari (not sure really ... singing? performing in general?), Jive Aces (band), United We Stand (dancers) and Analiza Ching (violinist). Despite getting two buzzes and a mixed reaction from the judges, I really did like United We Stand. The Romeo & Juliet theme was an ambitious thing to pull off - they weren't perfect and there were some parts that were a tad boring, but I've huge respect for them for trying to do it. I think that Diversity and Twist&Pulse succeeded in their 'story-telling' because they always did little snippets of things rather than just one continuous dialogue, which meant they incorporated variety as well as the unexpected into their routines. Other than that, I just didn't really like any of the other acts. There'll always be some acts through that are just so awful that they have to be brought back for the live semi-finals; I know this is a commercial decision, but I just think it's stupid and means that people who actually deserve places lose out for the entertainment factor.

There's lots of acts that I'm looking forward to seeing over the next four days and lots like I've just said, will be sitting through painfully. The wildcard thing was new to me, so even though we've only seen one night of performances, I'd like to see The Mend through to the final.

Quick note on More Talent: I love Stephen Mulhern. I think that BGMT is just pointless when we're watching the auditions, but it's always fun to see Stephen when we get to the live shows. His relationship with Simon is a strange one (though the latter wasn't there tonight) and he's got real energy like Ant and Dec. I always look forward to watching the presenters and judges reveal their pre-live show guesses on More Talent.

There is one act that I'm definitely upset about not seeing through to the live shows. My mum told me about them and I saw them on YouTube - they're fucking amazing. The problem is that I can't even find them on the official BGT YouTube channel and I can't understand why they wouldn't have got through over some of the other acts - anyone got any explanations as to the first issue?

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