Monday, 16 April 2012

TED: Half a Million Secrets - Frank Warren

I love PostSecret. For those of you that don't know, PostSecret is a blog started by Frank Warren where people from all over the world send in their secrets on a postcard. Each Sunday, a new 'batch' of secrets are posted up and it has become my ritual to check PostSecret every Sunday morning and take some time to laugh and cry at the thoughts and feelings that people have found the courage to share with the world. Frank sums the project up pretty nicely in the first few minutes of his talk.

TED is something that I've just discovered recently. It stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, though has branched out to other areas. Basically, in TED talks the best people in their profession give talks about what they do and ideas they have, amongst other things. There's thousands of videos on their website and I've only watched a few, but it's something that I'll definitely watch a lot more of when I have the time.

Below is just one that I found whilst writing this blogpost from the homepage of TED's website. I think it's nicely related to the video I linked to a few days ago about the book binding process. Not only is it interesting to hear about how covers are designed, but Chip Kidd is just brilliantly funny in his presentation.

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