Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Header/Downton Abbey

How do you all like it? The header, I mean. I'll get to DA in a moment.

I chose the books and took the picture a few weeks ago, but when I uploaded it to blogger, the picture wouldn't shrink to fit. I was a tad annoyed, but for some reason, it worked today, so I'm very happy with it.

Added to that, my aunt ordered the two series of DA and the Christmas special to be sent to our house. Today and yesterday, we've had ourselves a DA marathon with the seven episodes of the first series (with my aunt's permission, of course) and we're watching the Christmas special right now (my third time). I'd never watched DA when it first started but I watched series two with my mother earnestly.

Series one was brilliant; not as good as series two, in my opinion. Watching it, I can't believe how different the characters are from what I saw in the second series. I thought my sisters and I can be horrible to each other at times, but Mary and Edith are utter bitches to each other when provoked. I absolutely love Mary, but she was so up herself it's untrue. Miss O'Brien and Thomas are similarly a lot nastier than I remember in series two and even just small things like Cora's accent seems so different to what I had got used to. Still loving it, though.

A list of the titles in the header will be put somewhere on this blog.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have the latter half of the Christmas episode to get back to.

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