Friday, 6 April 2012

Chocolate brownies

Recipe Rifle for the recipe.

These are pretty awesome and really quite straightforward and easy to make. The only part I don't like doing is whisking the egg whites, so I got my mum to do it while I was lining the tin. I used a slightly smaller tin than the recipe says, and it fitted into one rectangular and one square tin. It was too much to fit into the rectangular, but I think it would have been nicer as the end result would be thicker.

One tray was in for 56 minutes, the other for 50. I would recommend 50 minutes or even less if it's ready instead of leaving it in for the whole hour, because it gets too crumbly and ruins the pleasure of eating it when your slice crumbles out of your hand and you're left holding onto nothing.

When I got to step 3(?) the adding sugar, ground almonds, walnuts and vanilla essence, I had measured the sugar and found the packet of ground almonds and was about to weigh the quantity I needed. I checked the packet to see how much of it I needed, then back to the recipe. The recipe says 200g; I only had 100g in my hands. I'm not sure what difference it really would have made, but I guess there would have been more bulk to the overall mixture. I need to make another batch in a few days, so I'll try it with the proper quantities of ingredients.

You don't have to add the walnuts if you don't want, but I really love the crunch it gives. I added some dried fruit to the second batch, but again, you don't have to do that either. They didn't taste as sweet as when I put them in the cinnamon buns, so that was alright.

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