Saturday, 1 December 2012


Criminal law unassessed essay - tick
Victoria Fisher essay competition - tick
Merlin episode round-ups - tick
NaNoWriMo - not so much ...

I may not have finished NaNo, but I'm pretty pleased with my progress overall this month. November has been beyond hectic and I just capped the week with a 10-4pm Fair Trade Market where I did not quite as well as I would have liked (you never do) but generally very good. And it's not even Sunday yet!

There's eleven days left until the end of term and I'm looking forward to it like crazy. Sussex changed its term structure this academic year and so instead of three ten-week terms, we now have two twelve-week teaching terms and a four-week examination term in the summer. I don't mind hugely because I don't have any mid-year exams in January, and last year we didn't have any classes in summer term anyway, but it does mean that the terms feel like they last FOREVER. I'll be glad to have four weeks to relax over Christmas.

I still have lectures and a couple of seminars in the last week-and-a-half before we break-up, but I'm not too fussed. I now actually have the time to catch up on the lectures that I've missed and am going to try and attempt to make a start on my assessed work due January. It's nice not to have imminent deadlines hanging over my neck.

This does mean that I now have the time to get started on those back-logged reviews that have just been stacking up like crazy. Expect to see lots of posts soon.

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