Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Yay for first Team GB golds!

Well, today was a most productive day at the office.

Out of a regular nine in the main office, there were only four of us and the amount of work we got finished today astounds me - really. We spent ten minutes watching the awesome Helen Glover and Heather Stanning row to victory where they were more than a whole length ahead of the other competitors, and then nearly an hour this afternoon glued to the sofas as Bradley Wiggins became the most decorated Olympic athlete in British history. Mentions also to the mens' eight and Chris Froome who all bagged bronze medals to push Team GB into tenth position in the medals tables - whoo!!!

All this makes up for the fact that (a) I was given the most boring, time-consuming task EVER that I couldn't even finish and (b) that when I tried to watch all the action live on my laptop, it was delayed at least a whole minute because the laptop must be the crappiest one in the whole office. Oh well.

Fingers crossed that our four medals today spurs the rest of Team GB to victory. Off now to watch the mens' individual all-round gymnastic finals - will we manage another?

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