Wednesday, 8 August 2012

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These few days, I haven't been doing much except sit in front of the TV and watch the Olympic coverage. An amazing four gold medals today as well as two silver and a bronze - such a shame that Victoria Pendleton didn't make the three golds she'd been hoping for to make her the most decorated female GB Olympian in history. Still, two golds and a silver is nothing to sniff at.

In other news, I've just re-found the excerpt from The Angel, book two in Tiffany Reisz's The Original Sinners series, due to be released in 24 September 2012. When I saw the link on Ms Reisz's website, I got so excited, thinking that this was new and I hadn't read it before. A quick glance shows me that I have (not that I remember this) and it's nothing that I haven't seen before. Still, I'm going to be re-reading it in a sec. Awesome stuff.


Update 11:01AM: Okay, so I was wrong and I hadn't read it all before. Stunning stuff. There's enough hints about what's to come to sate your appetite yet still leaving you hungry for more and it promises to be an even more thrilling story than The Siren. Really: don't read if you aren't comfortable with explicit BDSM. It's very, very intense and not for those even slightly weak-kneed at graphic acts/descriptions of a sexual nature. IMO, the most graphic/hottest thing that I've read of Ms Reisz's work.


Secondly, I've got a big shout-out to John Blake Publishing. They're a small, independent publishing company specialising in biographies and true crime and I was lucky enough to spend four weeks on a placement with them. They'll be releasing Chloe Sims' autobiography in November and it has the potential to be a great bestseller. She's found fame as a TOWIE cast-member and while I didn't even know her name before I started at John Blake, what I've heard of the content of the book sounds amazing. Sorry that I won't be there to work on it! While I was there, the cover was still being finalised and the official press-release on Monday with the finalised version (as in the Amazon link) looks brilliant! Definitely check it out.

Not that it hasn't been a brilliant Games and hugely uplifting for Britain, I'll be glad when it's all over - I can then finally get back to reading and catch up on my reviews! While I've read a lot, don't be expecting too many reviews too soon - I've got way too much television to watch!

What's your Olympic experience been like?

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