Saturday, 18 February 2012

World Book Night 2012

A friend told me about WBN in 2011 and I promptly forgot about it, being the attentive friend that I am. When I remembered, I'm not even sure if I registered correctly, because I remember having to re-do my application over and over again, getting a funny message each time I tried to submit it. The site was as slow as the NaNoWriMo site the first few days of NaNo season each year, evidently crowded of people like me trying to register at the last possible opportunity.

I believe The Reluctant Fundamentalist was my first choice, but I wasn't successful. That didn't matter, because my head mistress had clearly been a lot more prepared than I was, registering early; I managed to win one of her copies of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

Having learnt my lesson, I made sure that I applied REALLY early for WBN 2012. I wasn't expecting anything, because I imagine hundreds of thousands of people apply, so the chances of being successful - considering you only choose three out of twenty-five books and your picks might be the most popular - are slim.

So imagine my surprise - I've just realised that I hate that phrase, so: I was really surprised (both because I wasn't expecting to be successful and I just wasn't expecting it at the time) when the 'teaser' bit of my email (you know: the bit in gmail next to the subject that shows you the first few lines of the content of the email) told me that 'You've been chosen as a World Book Night giver.' I admit to some squealing and clapping my hands like a five-year-old.

So some time next few weeks, I'm guessing, I'll be collecting a box of new copies of The Road by Cormac McCarthy to give away. I'm inordinantly excited. And now my tea is cold because I've been writing this post.

What book would you want to give away from the list? Find out more about the project here. Make sure you register early for 2013!

If you want to find out more about the awesome NaNoWriMo project I mentioned, go here.

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