Saturday, 4 February 2012

First Post.

First Post. Huh. Not sure what to say, really.

I've been thinking about starting a book review blog for a while, but I don't really have much time to read now. Oh well. Any posts will be mostly sporadic and most probably won't have much to do with books. If there are a lot of book reviews, this clearly means that I'm neglecting all the work that I have to do. Why would I choose to read law tomes and cases and journal articles when it's so much more fun to read books?

I consider myself quite a strange, and at times, quite an anal person. One thing that I'm mostly anal about is drafting stuff before I do them properly, whether it's an essay, speech or review/blogpost. I have this really cool notebook that I bought from the Bodleian Library when I visited Oxford with my school in September 2010 with vintage book covers on the front. Everything that I blog goes down in there first, so this is just a warning that when I post reviews on here, the review is most likely from months ago when I actually read the book, only I was too lazy to post it until now. 

This blog was supposed to be called 'Random Musings and Manic Ramblings of a Self-Confessed Book Junkie.' It took me absolutely ages to get it so that I was pleased with it, but then it was too long, which was more than a tad annoying. I suppose, reflecting on it now, the 'Readaholic' fits in with the 'R' and 'M' theme, so it's slowly beginning to grow on me.

I'll stop rambling now.

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