Thursday, 7 May 2015

21 Proms by various (anthology)

21 Proms (2007) (Point, Scholastic Inc.) (short story collection)
Grade: C
Genre: young adult / anthology
Source: own

21 popular young adult authors come together in this anthology to share a story about high school’s biggest event: the Prom. With female and male protagonists alike, prom enthusiasts and prom-haters, chaperones, corsages, boutonnieres and limos aplenty, there’s a story for everyone, whether you sit in the enthusiast or hater camp. Whether the night is a success or failure, each will be a night that you will never forget …

21 Proms is another book from the 2009 batch and another one joining the discarding pile. There were a couple of really good stories in this collection (John Green’s backwards prom story was my favourite) but on the whole, I just didn’t get it. Prom is now an accepted rite of passage in the UK, whether you’re leaving secondary school at 18, or making the transition from primary to secondary school at 11, but it’s still nothing like the institution that it is in the US. It was a fun read that you can consume in little, bite-sized pieces since each story is only about 10 pages long, but I think it’s definitely more suited to readers on the other side of the Atlantic.

Image courtesy of Fantastic Fiction.

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