Sunday, 25 January 2015

Reading Bingo Challenges for 2015

I might not have completed my trio of reading bingo challenges in 2014, but before the year was out, I'd already started planning a new set for 2015. Since that day browsing on Pinterest, these have been a true revelation that have really made my reading like a game - as if reading wasn't fun enough already.

I've undergone a much-needed down-size for 2015; while there are still three challenges, these are all 5x5 grids with 25 challenges a piece. Coupled with my overarching goal to read 100 books this year, I'm hoping this will be a slightly more achievable year, reading-wise.

The Challenges:

1. Romance RBC 2015
This one has seen the most radical transformation: reduced from 48 challenges to a mere 25. Included are all of the 12 challenges that I didn't complete in 2014, as well as a random mix of AAR Top 100 challenges, romance sub-genres, books by decade of publication and romance tropes - perfectly eclectic. I have a tendency to read a lot of historicals with a sprinkling of a few romantic suspenses on the side, but hopefully this will help me open up genre-wise. Fingers crossed that this will be a little more straightforward than 2014 with a lot less complaining about trying to fit everything in ...

2. To-Be-Read RBC 2015
I own a lot of books but have only read approximately half and even that is a very rough guess-timate. Despite this abominable read-rate, I still continue to buy a lot of books. To try and feel less guilty about my book-buying and book-reading habits, I've made it a mission of 2015 to read more books that I actually own. If I don't like a book enough to read it again, I'll get rid of it. Additionally, I'm going to (try and) restrict my book-buying habits. I've come up with a list of around 10 titles which I'm allowed to buy, 95% of which are publishing this year. Anything that's not on the list has to be pretty special. I've had a few relapses so far and so I definitely need to be a lot stricter!


3. General RBC 2015
This RBC list is made up of a combination of the challenges that I didn't complete across 2014's Fiction and YA lists, as well as a few other random challenges to mix it up and get the number up to 25. To explain the colour coding: light blue represents young adult challenges and dark green are fiction challenges. I have to read a young adult book to complete a challenge that is in light blue, and thus a fiction book for green challenges. I have a feeling that this is going to be my default category for when a book doesn't fit in any of the other boxes - always a good back-up to have.

So these are my reading challenges for the year. I've already made a start across everything and I'm looking forward to discovering new authors, books, series and genres in 2015. Are you committing to any reading challenges this year?

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