Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Last Good Knight by Tiffany Reisz

The Last Good Knight (2014) (serial) (Harlequin MIRA)
I: Scars and Stripes, II: Sore Spots, III: The Games Destiny Plays, IV: Fit to be Tied, V: The Last Good Knight
Tiffany Reisz
Grade: A
Genre: contemporary / erotica
Sex scenes: HOT
Source: NetGalley
Romance RBC 2014: A book published in 2014 

New York’s top dominatrix Nora Sutherlin is bored. When she stumbles upon sexy submissive Lance in Kingsley’s club, she can’t resist. On discovering that Nora is in danger, the ex-SEAL is appointed as Nora’s personal bodyguard and Kingsley stipulates no sex on the job, much to Nora’s disappointment. But however good Lance is in bed, he is loathe to hurt Nora the way that she needs and she soon discovers that he has secrets of his own …

I’m loving everything that Tiffany Reisz is releasing, especially the pace at which she’s releasing it. I wasn’t a fan of serials in my review of Kyra Davis’ The Stranger, but when you’ve got the unstoppable Ms Reisz tackling the popular romance-format, there’s no question that she’s going to conquer it.

As always, it’s fascinating to watch Nora’s adventures and interactions with non-Original Sinners characters. There’s enough action with Søren, Kingsley and the like to make it part of the series, but also not. As a filler between the main Original Sinners books, it was a satisfying read. It’s always amusing to watch Nora fall for another guy and Lance was a pretty great one. His story was sweet and he’s your ideal romance novel White Knight, so long as Nora Sutherlin isn’t your heroine. I’d be more than happy to meet him again in another Reisz novel; it’s amusing to see the pace at which her characters develop and Lance is another who I imagine will be an even better character once time (and distance from Nora) has matured him.

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