Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bring on Summer!

The weather has been perfect this last week, my exams are finished and I'm FREE!

Today has been a productive day. My alarm was set for 6.15 because I was still a little paranoid from the night before that my brain was scarily taking on sieve-like characteristics. I had breakfast while spending a couple of hours of cramming and I was as ready as I would ever be. Law students aren't particularly known for their love of Equity & Trusts, especially since it's not law when compared to everything else we learn, but boy was that a nice exam.

Added to that I had a productive meeting, have organised my whole year's worth of notes within an inch of their lives, ticked three huge items off my to-do list that have been waiting to be done for weeks, and am almost done sending my final round of applications for summer internships.

Reviews are next on the list. I'm still feeling super-productive and motivated and so I might as well jump-in and get them done while I can. BRACE YOURSELVES.


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