Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Snow Day!

I'm quite fond of snow, really. I guess that's in part a result of being a Christmas-time baby, but also just because it's always so pretty and lovely when fresh and untouched. I have this really strange compulsion to just watch the snow fall and standing on the landing in our house last night while the skies were still letting the snow fall in truckloads, there was just something really ethereal and calming about watching nature have its way and wreaking havoc, with us humans powerless to stop it. I ended up having to walk the last 2 miles or so last night having just missed my connecting bus, and while walking with the blizzarding snow pelting down on my face was rather grim, I was at the same time a little in awe at how quiet and peaceful the roads were and how snow seems to be the one thing that grinds everything in this country to a halt.

My friend, the efficient German that she is, is absolutely scathing when it comes to how everything stops when the country gets the slightest flurry of snow. I totally get what she means and you would think that a place like the UK that gets snow as frequently as we do (i.e. annually) would have adopted reliable measures for dealing with it by now, but evidently not. Ah well.

Anyway, my two classes today have been cancelled. I'm more than a little pleased, mostly because I haven't had time to start, let alone finish the six articles and three cases (ridiculous even by EU law seminar standards) we've got to have read for this seminar. Granted, it's an overview of all the work we've done this term on the single market, but I've been struggling with the first article on the list which is itself over thirty pages long ... welcome to the glamorous life of a law student.

It's looking cold outside, but the snow had definitely slowed and the sun is shining and the skies are blue. I have a meeting this afternoon that it really quite important and I'm seriously considering heading into campus for it. To be honest, I don't have much of a problem when it comes to walking in the snow: I once walked over three hours and the best part of six miles home when snow closed school; walking to campus and back home again - something I do every day anyway and have done before in the snow - will be a doddle.

If you're in the UK, do you have snow where you are? And even if you're out of the UK, does your country get snow often? How do you like it?

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