Monday, 15 October 2012


Note my excitement.

I randomly checked Ms Reisz's twitter account yesterday and saw that there would be a preview of the first chapter, released today. It's beyond awesome. Check it out here.

We know that much of the book is set in Søren and Kingsley's childhood at the Jesuit boarding school where they met. The sample chapter as above begins as Kingsley arrives in his idea of hell and is pretending that he can't speak a word of English. Like most people, he is haunted by the beauty of the music flowing from Søren's hands, but terrified by the man himself:

So that was the mysterious Mr. Stearns who inspired both fear and respect from the students and Father Henry. Fascinating ... Kingsley had never been in the presence of someone that immediately intimidating. No teacher, no parent, no grandparent, no policeman, no priest had even made him feel what standing in the same room with the piano player, with Mr. Stearns, had made him feel.

Kingsley looked down and saw his hand had developed a subtle tremor. Matthew saw it, too.

"Don't feel bad." The boy nodded with the wisdom of sage. "He does that to everybody."
Even better, there's a copy of The Prince to win, open to readers in the US. So head over if you can't wait until November 20th.

Ms Reisz is also being particularly cruel and posting pictures on twitter of her author copies of The Prince. I want one like you wouldn't believe; I'll be stalking NetGalley with a passion from now on, but a hardcopy would be lovely ... There's also a picture of the first page of The Prince and for once, Ms Reisz has included a Prologue. Amazing stuff.

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